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Apostille Services

Are you planning on leaving the country, and need to take a notarized or official document with you? If so, that document may need to be verified, or Apostilled prior to leaving. Mountaineer Mobile Services can assist in facilitating this for you.

What is an Apostille? An Apostille is a notarized or official document that needs a state level of authentication to be accepted in another country who is part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Documents going to Non-Hague countries can be authenticated.

What type of documents need Apostilled? Any notarized or official document leaving the United States and needs to be accepted in another country. Some examples are: a birth certificate, death certificate, power of attorney, a marriage certificate, divorce decree, police record, school records and transcripts, deeds & wills, adoption papers, general notarized documents, etc. Documents such as FBI Background checks or military documents are required to go to the US Dept. of State to be Apostilled.

Contact us to discuss getting this started for you!

*Please note: Apostilles are sent to the originating state Secretary of State office or the US Department of State for federal documents, so allow time for your documents to be mailed, processed and mailed back. Please consider this and plan accordingly to prevent delays in you leaving for your trip. Documents needing sent to the US Dept. of State can take 11+ weeks to process.

We are not responsible for documents lost or damaged in shipping. All documents shipped will have tracking information.


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